ISSN: 2204 - 1990

Risks of corruption to development

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Fairouz Chine, Mohamad Abdel Monem Al-Sayed Abo Souliman, Noual Chine, Saida Chine, Trifa Mohamed
ยป doi: 10.48047/cibgp.2023.29.04.006


The mechanisms of globalization have produced the tools, means and technological innovations that facilitated the forms of corruption, and what it also entails from the increased movement of economic activity and financial openness globally and locally, and the tendency to liberalize foreign and internal trade, and the related developments, which contributed to alleviating administrative and financial restrictions, and creating Damage to the economic structure of the state through wasting economic resources, increasing burdens on the public budget, reducing the efficiency of economic performance, or misdistributing resources, with the intent of achieving personal benefits, material or non-material, whether in kind or monetary, at the expense of the public interest. Opening channels to the emergence of many forms and forms of corruption, and thus the increased possibility of the spread of new forms of corruption, the most important of which is economic corruption.

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