Editorial Team


Randy Ontonia,Editor in Chief
Email Address: chiefeditor@cibgp.com

Associate Editor

Name- Anurag Hazarika
Affiliation: Teaching Faculty ofManagement StudiesandCommerce, KK Handique State OpenUniversity,Tezpur CollegeStudyCentre,Assam, India
Email- anuraghazarika2@gmail.com

Name: Derese Simegnew Alehegn
Affiliation:Ethiopian history, education planning and management, business and economics, community development, fiction, Development Economics, change management tools implementation, follow up and  monitoring, Behavioral science and education, and management.
E-mail: dereseenkopa@yahoo.com,  alehegnderese@gmail.com
Country: Ethiopia 

Name:Dr. Gouri Kalagond
Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Secab Institute of Engineering & Technology, Vijayapura 
E-mail: gour.kalagond@gmail.com
Country: India