Document Type : Research Article



The current study examines the direct effect of ethical leadership (EL) on employee green
commitment (EGC) and the indirect effect on employee green innovative work behavior
(EGIWB). It also tested the moderating effect of employee green knowledge (EGK) in the
relationship between EL and EGC. Data were collected from 359 employees working in the
manufacturing sector of Pakistan. Time lagged and conveniences sampling technique was
adopted. The statistical results showed that EL was positively related to EGC. EGC enhances the
EGIWB. Moreover, results showed that EGK moderates the relationship between EL and EGC.
Such that employees having high green knowledge have more inclination towards green
commitment. The results also showed that EL enhances EGIWB via EGC. Moderated mediation
results also showed that EGK strengthens the indirect relationship between EL and EGIWB.
Result depicted that employee having high green knowledge shows more green innovative work
behavior via increased green commitment. The study brings important practical implications for
top and middle managers and addresses their concerns about green practices and green
innovations in their firms.