Print ISSN: 2204-1990

Online ISSN: 1323-6903

Keywords : Age of Experience

Impact of Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance of Islamic Banks in Pakistan

Taimoor Ali Shah, Dr. Naveed Shehzad, Umair Ahmad, Wajid Mehmood

Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2022, Volume 28, Issue 3, Pages 97-111
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2022.28.03.010

The objective of the study was to examine the impact of corporate governance on the financial
performance of Islamic banks working in Pakistan. The population of the study was Islamic
banks working in Pakistan and seven (7) Banks were selected as a sample size through simple
random sampling technique. The dependent variable was return on assets while independent
variables were board size, female director, age of experience, firm size and productivity. Data
was collected from the annual reports of Islamic banks websites for the year 2017 to 2021. Panel Diagnostic Test, regression analysis and correlation matrix were used for analysis. Results reflect that firm size, board size and productivity were found positively significant. While age of
experience was inversely significant and female director was found statistically insignificant.
The magnitude of firm size was high as compared to other significant variables. However,
female director was found insignificant so it has no impact on return on assets