Document Type : Research Article


1 National University Federico Villarreal, Lima, Perú

2 Birla Institute of Applied Science, Bhimtal, India

3 Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos - UNMSM, Lima, Perú


This research aims to propose a priority site for biodiversity conservation in the region of
Huancavelica - Peru, using the methodology of fine filtering through the analysis of
biodiversity, delimiting the proposal area, identifying the objects of conservation, sources
of pressure, and threats of ecological processes; and zoning according to the legal
regulations of SERNANP. Using digital tools such as ArcMap, Google Earth, SASPlanet,
Microsoft Excel, and state geoportals such as SERNANP, MINAM, and IUCN. Besides
suggesting a conservation area in Huancavelica, the study aims to stimulate research in
the design of natural protected areas (NPA) in the country with the ultimate goal of
conserving biodiversity, allowing better management of natural resources. The results
show that the priority site would be located within the provinces of Castrovirreyna and
Huancavelica with an area of 179 227.92 ha, identified 6 objects of conservation of
cultural, natural and ecosystem aspects, among the sources of pressure, is the sustainable
agricultural expansion, the development of road infrastructure projects, mining or other
liabilities in which there is a change of land use and poaching and indiscriminate.