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The degradation of p-cresol is approved out under UV-visible light by TiO2 as a photocatalyst. In the direction of determining the efficiency of the photocatalyst, the, unlike variables, studied built-in the amount of photocatalyst, consequence of oxidants peroxomonosulphate (PMS) and peroxodisulphate (PDS) on the photocatalytic oxidation of       p-cresol on elucidation TiO2 surface have been investigating. The efficiencies of these oxidants on photocatalytic degradation of p-cresol are compared with that of PMS and PDS.                  The investigational results indicate that these oxidants reveal improved rates of mineralization of p-cresol. A response mechanism, linking the production of hydroxyl radicals and sulfate radicals. In conclusion, this investigation indicated a high potential of TiO2 suspension to remove the high-level concentration of p-cresol under UV radiation.