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Universities education Management is in the throes of a major transformation. This calls for a dedicated-entrepreneurial leadership crew set to release ‘the leadership nuclear’ amour at appropriate times to avert failures that could possibly be prevented. Decreasing public confidence, increasing concerns about higher education from state legislators, growing regulation at the state and national levels, fiscal challenges, globalization and other major concerns are facing African universities and higher education generally. This paper describes key principal and dynamic challenges confronting university leadership today, and provides a leadership operational framework that debunks these challenges. The paper is further premised on the fact that the university sector in Africa is experiencing unprecedented challenges affecting effective execution of their mandate. What is valuable about this study is enshrined in the study’s two leaf portal namely–providing a quality but comprehensive summary description of the prevailing common and unique challenges faced by Universities in Africa. Secondly the study provides a dossier to tackle selected leadership models that address these challenges in order to positively advance university education to the appropriate levels into the 21st century and beyond.