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Increasing knowledge on various environmental problems among consumers has led them
tomove towards the path of sustainable consumption. As a result, attention towards the
healthy lifestyle, which is being showcased in the form of purchasing and consuming
greenproducts. The objective of this paper is to studythe individual’s attitude towards
greenproducts, health consciousness andsocial influence on consumer green purchase
estionnaires from the consumers visiting organic stores for buying organic food products.The
samples collected were 200for conducting the data analysis. The statistical tools used inthe
study are Correlation,Factor analysis, Multiple Linear Regression Analysis. Attitudetowards
green products emerged as a predominant factor, positively influencing the
purchaseintentions of individuals. The findingsdepicted that green market is in evolving stage
indeveloping countries like India and opens an avenue for marketers to exploit the
opportunities available ingreen marketindustry.