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India has the 2nd fastest growing travel market globally. Of this, the online travel market
is growing at the highest pace. In recent years, Indian Government has taken useful steps in this field.
They have introduced IRCTC, online portal for ticket purchasing. Also following the trends of other
countries India railway has installed several ATVM in the major stations to introduce digitalization
for buying local tickets. As digitalization is trying to implement everywhere, but due to different
factors some segment of people are not able to cop-up with this modernization. Also, to increase the
use of plastic money and e-wallet these digitalized systems should be adapted quickly. So, the
primary focus of this research is to evaluate the factors that influence/restrain the consumer behavior
for online ticket purchasing & using ATVM for ticket purchasing in India, thus in the following
sections we evaluate the Indian scenario related to it. To determine the factors, some market research
has been done. For that, questionnaire has been prepared and sample has been selected