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Fundamentally, quality early learning programmes prepare children for adulthood, providing them
with the necessary opportunities for social, cognitive, spiritual, physical and emotional development.
Africa has for a long time been disadvantaging its own young people by not providing adequate
resources for the care and education of young children. Some of this emanates from long historical
ties and experiences deliberately created during colonialism.Colonialism and the resultant socioeconomic
suffering of young children are a matter of consideration. Inequalities did create a
childhood of adversity for most black African children across the continent, including inadequate
access to health care, education, social services and quality nutrition. This has and continues to;
undermine the development of our children. It is however important to note that, to a large extent, we
need to take hats off to most African states for their continued attempt to transform their education
system by moving the young children from the peripheral to the center of educational development.
This is despite the presents of socio-economic barriers which disable full execution of their policies
on Early Childhood Education and Development.