Document Type : Research Article



This research article aims to “To study the impact of key attributes of HR practices on
employee retention of IT employees”. The paper applies data reduction using Reliability Test,
Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) and Multiple Linear Regression on a sample of 270 respondents
drawn from 6 IT companies in Pune and condenses a set of 24 items of key HR practices converted
into six attributes. The present study proposes a model of the impact of key attributes of HR practices
on the employee retention. The study found that recruitment & selection, training & development,
performance appraisal, retaining talent, employee feedback and work-life-balance are impacting
significantly the employee retention. Therefore, IT companies should focus on the above factors to
increase retention of employees. The study investigated the impact of attributes of HR practices on the
retention of the IT employees concluded that performance appraisal had the highest impact on the
retention of the employees’ recruitment &selection, training & development, retaining talent,
employee feedback followed by work-life-balance.