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The concern of supply chain visibility is crucial for the organizations that are involved in
delivering the essential services such as electricity. Asset visibility of a firm effects supply chain
practices of a firm. Through the research paper the researchers had tried to understand the factors
that could affect supply chain visibility.The said effect has been studied with reference to
material and product supply chain. An integrated model for supply chain visibility for firm
performance is developed. Established causal relationship has been translated in the form of
hypotheses. Hypotheses has been tested using standard multiple regressions.The study looks at
asset visibility and supply chain visibility as a perspective field of research and presents new
insight into the existing supply chain process and systems.The research gives an insight to
relationship of IT infrastructures for Supply Chain Integration (ITSCI), Supply Chain Process
Integration (SCPI), Focal firm-3PL relational orientation (SCRO) and Internal Integration (II),
with Supply Chain Visibility (SCV).