Document Type : Research Article



Psychological capital (PsyCap) can be cited as “HERO”,comprising of four factors (Hope,
Self-Efficacy, Resilience and Optimism) and has been gaining a lot of prominence in many of
the social science studies particularly studies pertaining to leadership.(Juhdi, Hamid, Rizal, &
Juhdi, 2015) found that there exists a relation between entrepreneurial success and
psychological capital. The present study reports the results of a survey conducted among
successful Indian entrepreneurs. This paper explains about the various challenges faced by
entrepreneurs and their psychological capital in dealing with the challenges. A selfadministered
questionnaire was distributed to 209 entrepreneurs with more than 5 years of
entrepreneurial experience, working in different sectors in India. The survey explored the role
of PsyCap in entrepreneurs in dealing with their early and current business challenges. The
results show that successful entrepreneurs tend to have an above average level of PsyCap and
Optimism and Self-Efficacy plays and more significant role as compared to Hope and
Resilience for an entrepreneur to be successful. It was also found that women entrepreneurs
have a higher level of PsyCap as compared to men entrepreneurs.