Document Type : Research Article



The main purpose of this research study is to find the impact of workplace bullying on
turnover intentions of the staffs which are the major problems in hospitals and have
enormous destructive consequences and rumination increases this phenomenon both
ways. This model presents the effect of workplace bullying results on turnover
intentions as mediated by employee‟s rumination. The technique applied for the
accumulation of data from 270 personnel was convenience sampling technique, for
further aid, adopted questionnaires were used which consisted on the measurement of
5 points Likert scale for each variable. To fulfill the criteria of data analysis,
reliability, correlation, and regression were used as statistical tools. Results
demonstrate that the relationship between Workplace Bullying and turnover intentions
is affirmative and noteworthy. As signified by the results employee rumination role
was also conciliatory between Workplace Bullying and turnover intentions.