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In performance management individuals share their understanding of contribution to an
organizationsgoal. The basic purpose of this paper is to understand whether employees are able
to understand suppositions of management or if there is any discrepancy in doing the same. The
paper also aims to describe how performance management forms a tool for creating a high
performancework culture. This researchpaperfocuses on the impact of performancemanagement
on employee and their individual growth. Finally it tells how organizationcan give better work
environment to employees so that they become productive. It also talks about how important
performance management is supposed to be understood by both management and employees so
that there is clarity in their expectations. Thus it is very important for an organization to see to it
that a high performance work culture is created for growth of the organization.
In the present world where competition is too high, it is prominent for a company to concentrate
on the skill set of employees so that progress of the employees can be tapped into. A greater
responsibility lies on the management of the organization to create a high performance
workenvironment so that employee’s progress and finally the organizational objectives are
The study also concentrates on making the organization understand where it is lacking in terms of
giving the best of the employees. It helps create transparency where both employee-employer
expectations are brought to light for the betterment of the organization in terms of performance.