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Since the early 2000s, the phrase "social capital" has been widely explored. The origin of social
capital can be can be traced back to 1867 and 1900, when Karl Marx and John Dewey adapted it
to fit into a societal context. Intoday’s world, there is an increased appreciation for the
importance of social capital and entrepreneurship.The commercial diversification that India
possesses, in particular, makes it accountable to utilize social capital. As a result, this research
focuses on how social capital influences MSME entrepreneurial performance, taking into
account several dimensions of social capital as well as MSME performance. Data was obtained
from 390 MSME's in South India using structured questionnaires and analyzed using SPSS and
the Structural Equation Modelling (Amos) approach, and it was discovered that social capital
dimensions and entrepreneurial performance have a strong association.