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Millenary we are seeing the world changing for the second time. There was diversity before 9/11
and it changed the complete picture of demographical status, socio-economic condition, and
social movement. There might be a global change again after COVID-19. In this pandemic
where the people already suffering from socio-economic inequality, if we exaggerate the
students‟ perspectives and they found that online learning couldn‟t produce desired results in
underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, where most of the students are unable to access the
internet due to technical as well as financial issues. Accordingly, the quick speed of COVID- 19
became a big challenge for the massive number of the students to get the lecture of courses
offline in the classrooms. Moreover, due to the ripped spread of Covid-19 created an E-learning
environment where the instruction of online network system to enhance the quality of teaching
and learning to manage their provided contents accurately and managed their online classes and
courses.The research objectives of the present papers contain with, to investigate the awareness
of Covid-19 in university students, socioeconomic status of students, the problems faced by
students in the pandemic, the curriculum satisfaction of students, the experience of online classes
on students, and the lack of internet resources in students.