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Digital banking services in India plays an important role since 5 years as the customers are looking
beyond the traditional way of banking. Digital banking Services like Electronic Fund
Transfer(NEFT,RTGS,IMPS), UPI, ATM, Cash deposit machine, Mobile Banking Application, Debit
Card, Credit Card are growing exponentially since 2017 due to the several initiative by government like
incentives for customers and merchants, Demonetization, financial inclusion and for customer and traders
own interest and lastly due to Covid-19.This is the reason why most of the commercial banks are trying
to introduce various digital banking services which is paperless and does not require branch visit. Now
the customer can make round the clock money transfer using NEFT/RTGS due to initiative taken by RBI.
Undoubtedly there are many advantages of digital banking, but at the same time, there are challenges to
be addressed by the banker is security to the customers with respect to their personal information and
money. This study aims at providing insight into the various factors that influence for digital banking
service quality and customer perception of services provided by the SBI and HDFC bank in Hyderabad,