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This research study aimed at finding the convers relationship of emotional intelligence and role
conflict at the hospitals of Peshawar, KPK, Pakistan. Emotional intelligence is considered the
best coping strategy to deal with work stress, while role conflict is the most common practicing
stressor that contributestothe stressful condition of a person. Hospitals are the most crowded and
overburdened sector of any nation that is heavily dependent on multiple roles of nurses, doctors,
and medical staff. The objective of this research was to see the effect of emotional intelligence in
dealing with role conflict of the nurses and medical staff of three big hospitals in the city. The
results show a significant inverse relationship between emotional intelligence and role conflict.
The P-Value (0.000), T-statistics (16), R-Square (0.32) and path coefficients (-0.56)show highly
significant results of underline relationships. For these findings, SmartPLS 3.0 was used to
analyze the response of 359 nurses and medical staff employing stratified sampling and
systematic random sampling techniques on a five-point scale of adapted questionnaires.