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The present study investigates the outcomes of talent management among university
teachersalong with the role of competency development as a mediator. The design of the study
was correlational.The study sample consisted of 190teachers. The sample was further divided
into males (n = 94) and females (n = 96) by using the purposive sampling technique. The age of
the sample was ranged from 25 to 60 years. English versions of talent management,
organizational performance, affective commitment, and competency development were used in
the study to assess variables. Pearson correlation indicated that all variables are positively
correlated. Multiple regression analysis indicated that subscales of talent managementwere
positive predictors ofaffective commitment and performance. Competency development shows
mediation betweensubscales of talent management and outcomes (i.e., organizational
performance and affective commitment). Male scored high on rewarding (subscale). The
implications, limitations and recommendations for the future were discussed.