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Organizational commitment is very basic and important factor that has been researched from
many years. This study is aimed at the assessment of the impacts of organizational commitment
on the performance of employees for which different variables were measured.
Thus, both the Qualitative and Quantitative methods were adopted to meet the objective of the
study. The study was done on the performance of the health sector workers at the civil hospital of Shaheed Benazirabad (old Nawabshah). Almost 222 respondents containing 197 medical and
whereas 25 administrative staff were taken for filling out the questionnaire. The respondents
were both genders including 135 male and the rest of them were their female counterparts.
The findings of the study have brought to the surface that there was a negative relationship
between organizational injustice, employees‟ performance and mediating role of organizational
commitment. Mostly organizations compensate employees on the basis of favoritism, managers
and supervisors treat their subordinates unfairly, unfair decision making and abusive behavior
cause organizational injustice that impacts totally negative on employees‟ performance and
organizational commitment. The study findings showed that unethical behavior with employees
declines performance and damages an organizational commitment. So, it is very important that
organizations should treat their employees with positive and fair attitude, organizational justice is very important factor that can motivate employees to be loyal towards their job.