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The target of the examination was to research the effect of Micro Finance on the connection between admittance to fund and SMEs development in Karachi, Pakistan. For this reason, the theory was figured out. The theory had investigated effect of admittance to back Small and Medium Enterprises development and speculation to surveyed the directing impact of Micro Finance in the connection between providing Micro Finance and development of SMEs. The investigation included examples drawn from SMEs of areas that were assembled and administered. For this reason essential information was accumulated through the giving a bunch of organized surveys an example of 250 SMEs. The reasonable model comprised on eight factors. First was admitted to back as free factor which was estimated utilizing three elements of openness, use and quality and this measure was contained of things. The micro finance proficiency as dependent variable, which was estimated by eight measurement information, aptitudes, demeanor and conduct. This measure was comprised of 51 things. The Progress of Small and Medium Enterprises as predictor variables, that were estimated the quantity of offerings and resources. The quantitative calculation was comprised on eight factors. The information gathered by the proprietors and organization auditors of Small and Medium Enterprises. Helpful examining utilized to gather information. A descriptive and regression method was utilized to dissect the directing impact of micro finance on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises. These examinations were done utilizing Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (IBM SPSS). The finding of this investigation bolsters the theory, which contended that micro finance is a significant garnish in the connection between admittance to support and of SME’s Growth