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Peter Shaffer is an outstanding British playwright in
the 20th century. His plays "The Royal Hunt of the Sun", "Equus"
and "Amadeus" are called "Faith Trilogy". The eternal conflict
between rationalism and irrationalism prompted Schaeffer to reflect
on the enslavement of human nature by reason under the rule
of instrumental reason. He tried to rebel against rational hegemony
through belief, and proposed that only by seeking faith and
spiritual God can human beings escape the shackles of rationalism.
This paper first explores the philosophical source of Schafer's
anti rational thought, that is, the confrontation and conflict
between rationalism and irrationalism. Secondly, it studies the
social source of Schafer's anti rational thought, taking the critical
theory of instrumental rationalism as an example. Thirdly, it explores
the content of Schafer's anti rational thought and its concrete
presentation in his works. This paper analyzes Schaefer's
belief rebelling against rational thought from three angles. Firstly,
from the perspective of rational power rulers, this paper analyzes
the control of rationalism on individual free nature. Secondly,
rational obstruction, that is, from the perspective of the weak and
the ruled, analyzes their spiritual struggle against the representatives
of rational power. Finally, the rational identity of rational
figures is deconstructed