Document Type : Research Article



The research aims to test the impact of strategic consciousnesson strengthening the
strategic vigilance ininvestmentorganizations by analyzingresponses
from124managers working for administrative, engineering and technical sectors
inside Al-Kafeel Group for Public Investments in Karbala.We applied constructs of
(Turkay et al., 2012) (forstrategic consciousness (Reframing, System thinking,
Learning orientation and Reflection)and the model of(Fadhiela et al., 2018) for
strategic vigilance (Technological vigilance, Competitive vigilance, Marketing
vigilance, and Environmental Vigilance). The collected responses were analyzed
using structural equation modelling to measure Cronbach’s alpha coefficient,
confirmatory factor analysis, and Pearson’s correlation for the constructs and latent
variables. Amanager’sstrategic consciousnessposed an active impact on enhancing the
strategic vigilance of the firms. The research sample is in the context of competition
in the Iraqi industrial and investing sectors. Strategic consciousnessis instrumental in
improving the positive relationship in strategic vigilance in line with the customized
prerequisites and the dynamic setting of workplaces. Implications on the provision of
valuable production would add up to the targeted local self-sufficiency.