Document Type : Research Article



The study aims to identify the extent at which effective management of HR practices can
increase productivity and improve poor performance within the organization. Six major human
resource management policies and practices were selected from previous research and analysis
was run on a sample of educational institutions of Karachi, Pakistan. Questionnaire,comprised of
standard items, wasdeveloped, and circulated in various educational institutions to gather
responses. The results generated through the application of SPSS concluded that out of six
independent variables, only succession planning and employee satisfaction were found to have a
significant impact on organizational productivity. Based on the analysis the study found that
educational institutions must pay much more attention to the proper management of their human
resources and motivate teachers to realize their skills and competencies to create competitive
advantage. To conclude, it could be said that effective management of human resources is very
vital to any organization ranging from small to large scare enterprise to sustain productivity.