Document Type : Research Article



This research finds out that how the manager should handle their employees with Ziegarnik
effect to measure their outcomes at their work in order to assess their degree of happiness and
satisfaction, because higher the work outcomes would ultimately define organizational Success.
While on other hand, interruptions may have some negative impacts.
In this study,mostly middle line managers were targeted from different associations and data
were collected through questionnaire survey method from 160 workers through convenient
sampling technique. The study is quantitative in nature andthe results were put to the test using
regression analysis, which shows that managerial handling of Zeigarnik effect is positively
related to the “employee work performance” and “job satisfaction”. This means that higher the
managerial handling of Zeigarnik effect, the better would be the employees performance and job
satisfaction. It is recommended to enhance some techniques for handling job stress and creating
interest in job duty.