Document Type : Research Article



The researcher dealt with the subject of the promise of mortgage, and the most
important conditions that must be met in order for us to be in front of a promise of
mortgage that fulfill all the legal conditions in the first requirement of the research were
discussed,then to talk about the most important implications of the promise of mortgage
in the second requirement of this research. The problem of the research lies in clarifying
the adequacy of the legal texts regulating the provisions of the mortgage, so that the
legislator did not deal with the issue of the promise of the mortgage within these rules,
and on the other hand, the statement of the extent to which the general rules related to
the promise to contract on the promise of mortgage can be dropped. The researcher
followed the descriptive analytical approach to answer the problem posed in the
research by describing the problem under study and analyzing the legal texts regulating
the subject using jurisprudence opinions and jurisprudence of the courts.