Document Type : Research Article



The aim of this study is to identify the basis of civil liability arising from the
electrocution of electricity companies as guardians of their electrical installations, which
are among the things that require special attention according to the Jordanian Civil Law.
A distinction is made between responsibility for personal action, responsibility for things
and the burden of proving responsibility. There are many and many cases of stunting, and
the forms of error and the responsibility are also mixed. Whereas, the Jordanian legislator
did not deal with this case and left it to the general rules, which makes it difficult to
deduce its elements. Therefore, the study found that the Jordanian legislator established
responsibility for the personal act on the basis of the damages, and did not base it on the
fault. And that the Jordanian judiciary took the principle of actual guarding of something
and not the principle of legal guarding. The study recommended the necessity of
individuals with special provisions dealing with the civil liability of things with the
General Electricity Law and amending the provisions of the Jordanian Civil Law to
include a special standard to distinguish between responsibility for personal action and
responsibility for things.