Document Type : Research Article



This study uncovers the reality of the COVID-19 epidemic, acting as a significant hurdle for
small restaurants' sustainability.The study used a purely qualitative methodology dealing with
data collected from the industry to frame effective sustainability strategies to revamp the
business.Hence,in-depth interviews to capture the real problems faced by restaurants were
conducted.From the study, we understood that big citiessuch asChennai, Bengaluru and
Thiruvananthapuram took initiatives in the post-COVID-19 crisis to bring about changes in the
business process, giving importance to online ordering and delivery, new cuisines and more
hygienic transparency. Small cities such asCoimbatore, Thiruvallaand Kochi are still confident
of running their businesses, but there may not be a drastic change in the process. However, their
expectationsof helpfrom the government are high. Three major factors are being considered to be
cornerstone elements, which are health, cleanliness and hygiene. In this research, the scope is
limited only to restaurants in big and small cities, whilelarge-sized star category hotels have not
been considered.