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Mobile service is one of the largest industries in the world. In this market, competition is on the
rise through economic opening. The region's use of mobile telephones was promoted by private
companies. It's the consumer demand today for telecom networks. Mobile providers must take
note of customer opinions and deals on the market. Mobile providers must identify customers '
desires and influence the factors before developing any service or deal. In this context, the
research document focuses on the factors which are most relevant to customers when using
mobile service providers. Telecom is one of the main infrastructure markets of our country, the
government of India said. The study was done in a well-structured schedule. The public
telecommunications sector was able to achieve universal service to all the villages protected by
global class standards under economic liberalization, privatization and competition politics in
India and make the broadcasting of telecommunications open. The purpose of this paper is to
analyze the customer satisfaction on different types of mobile service providers and widely used
mobile network in cuddalore