Document Type : Research Article



Financial risk management enhances financialperformance and effectiveness, and it has been
recently received research recognition and momentum.This study aims to adopt a
bibliometric analysis of financial risk management to identify the research trends and
opportunities related to diverse types of research papers published in journals and
conferences indexed by Web of Science for the years 2004-2018. The main objectives of this
study include finding the research trend of financial risk management publications and
citations, top research areas, the most influential papers based on citation count, the top
supportive funding agencies, and the future research direction. This bibliometric study
indicates that the interest of researchers is increasing in financial risk management every year
due to an unpredictable environment and economic situation. The number of citations to
financial risk management research papers has been growing. The top research areas in
financial risk management include business economics, environmental sciences ecology,
engineering, mathematics, and operation research management science. The analysis
indicates that the National Natural Science Foundation of China supports most of the
financial risk management research by funding the research. This reflects the vast interests
and trends of financial risk management among researchers. This study can be a valuable
learning point for young researchers to find attractive, relevant research insights
withinfinancial risk management.