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For any organization, human resources (HR) are important. It brings with it, in
addition to experience, the capacity and technical skills that are essential for any organization's
long-term success. Organizations have often had trouble determining the efficiency, status, and
opportunities of their human resources. Organizations are looking for even more intelligent
choices, from attracting the right talent to maintaining the best talent. HR-analytics has been
mostly used in the Western IT industry, but it is now making inroads in the Indian IT market as
well. HR analytics has a lot of potential in the Indian IT industry, but HR systems, teams, and
people skills have a lot of flaws. This research explores the advantages and disadvantages of HR
analytics, as well as the role of HR analytics in decision-making at IBM, a major player in the
global IT industry. HR engagement, ethics in analytics, and artificial intelligence in HR and
analytics are the main factors in IBM's better use of HR analytics in better business decisions,
according to the study's findings.