Document Type : Research Article



The teaching and learning of the Arabic language have been using traditional methods and
textbooks for a very long time. The language has been used and taught for various reasons
including communication purpose. However, in this era of Information and Communication
Technology (ICT), the needs to produce the interactive and technology-based learning and
teaching tools have been the area of research by various fields of knowledge. Hence, the huge
use of mobile gadgets as Tablet PC, smartphones, I-Pads and so on has the learners to adapt
with the mobile revolution in their learning preference of various educational application
such as many Apps that are available in Google Store. This project will be focusing on the
design and development of a mobile language guide application in Arabic language for
Mutawwif (Umrah Tour Guide) VIA smart phones especially in Android supported
platforms. Once completed, the project is expected to produce a mobile App of teaching and
learning Arabic among Mutawwif (Umrah Tour Guide) via interactive mobile App prototype,
which could enhance the learners’ self-motivation and language learning for traveller’s