Document Type : Research Article



Knowledge sharing is an important aspect of knowledge management and it is important and
progressively recognized for international business management. The aim of this study to
examine the impact of knowledge sharing tools (technology and organization rewards) on
knowledge transfer in the education sector of Pakistan Punjab. The survey method is used to
collect the data from public and private university employees from Punjab, Pakistan. By Using
the cluster random sampling method, the results of the structural equation model (SEM) and inter
reliability reveals the existence of internal reliability and validity of construct with a sample of
750. Results of the research work indicate that knowledge-sharing tools organization rewards
and technology have a significant impact on knowledge transfer. The results of the study also
confirm that motivation mediates the relationship among organization reward, technology, and
knowledge transfer. Furthermore, the organization reward and technology along with motivation
endorse the knowledge transfer to individuals and organizations. This study work contributed in
managerial and theatrical by considering technology and organization reward is knowledge
sharing tool effect on knowledge transfer with mediation analysis of motivation which improves
the organization effectiveness. The comparative study may be conducted in the future or in
another region of the country.