Document Type : Research Article


Assistant Professor English Department GLA University, Mathura


This paper attempts to analyze how the trio Anita Desai, Ruth Prawar Jhabvala and Nergis Dalal
etch fragile human relationship in the wake of contemporary maladies creeping in the society.
Attenuated emotional bonds, urge for more space, patriarchal subjugation, rifts in understanding
eclipse conjugal harmony and nuptial relations. The trio has chosen to give voice to entangled
man-woman relations, incompatibility in marriages, cultural ethnocentrism resulting in marital
disharmony, alienation, estrangement, East-west Encounter, Identity Crisis, Familial nuances,
Pseudo modernism in Indian society, social life and marital dissonance and feministic seclusion.
Draught of female manifestations in Indian English Literature culminates with the foray of Anita
Desai, Ruth Jhabwala, Kamla Markandey, Sudha Murthy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Chitra Bannerjee,
Kiran Desai, Nergis Dalal etc. who dribbled it with the clear stream of their expressions. The
initiation of female authors enlarged the dimension by giving voice to untold miseries, unheard
experiences and unwritten encounters. Disparate streams of the works of the three contemporary
writers Nergis Dalal, Anita Desai and Ruth Jhabwala sometimes sparkle with the streak of same
themes manifested in different style