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1 Assistant Professor Selection Grade (and Research Supervisor) Department of Commerce & Management Studies, “Amal College of Advanced Studies”(Aided by Government of Kerala and Affiliated to University of Calicut)

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Vidyanagar College, South 24 Parganas West Bengal

3 Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Vardhman College, Bijnor, UP

4 Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Jayagovind Harigopal Agarwal Agarsen College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

5 Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, St.Peter’s Institute of Higher Education and Research, Tamil Nadu


Mobile banking has become the buzz word in the banking industry. The study has been conducted the customers Opinion towards Mobile banking.   A self-administrated questionnaire had been developed and distributed among the respondents. Out of the 350 questionnaires, only 267 useable questionnaires were returned. The collected data have tested with SPSS. Demographic profiles and awareness about mobile banking, time taken, Trust, Convenience, ease to use, security and Advantage. Have been analyzed through percentage analysis and chi-square tests. Also examines customer’s awareness, mobile banking products and services, and also perception about mobile banking.


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