Document Type : Research Article


PhD in Public Law / Administrative Law The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan


The current study is summarized in showing the future of governmental contracts in light of the
novelties of the technical and technological revolution, where the smart applications became of
its most important. We dealt with this study through two requirements; the first requirement dealt
with the essence of smart governmental contracts through four branches. In the first branch we
dealt with the concept of smart governmental contracts, in the second branch we talked about the
types of smart governmental contracts , in the third branch we displayed the characteristics of
smart governmental contracts and finally in the fourth branch we dealt with the legal nature of
smart governmental contracts . The second requirement was allocated to talk about the
possibility of concluding governmental contracts through smart contracts as a future vision by
dividing it into three branches; the first branch was allocated to highlight the essence of smart
mediator of agent, the second branch was allocated to set a perspective of the smart
governmental tender leading to smart governmental bidding in the third branch, and finally the
conclusion which included the main result the study found and the most important