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1 Ph.D,Research Scholar,Department Of Political Science,Government ArtsCollege (Autonomous),Salem-636007

2 Ph.D.,Assistant professor,Head of the Department,Department Of Political Science,Government Arts College

3 Ph.D.Assistant professor,Department Of Political Science, Periyar Government Arts College.Cuddalore

4 Associate Professor,Department of Politics & PublicAdministration,Alagappa University,Karaikudi- 630003


The concept of self help groups has been evolved to organize the rural poor to meet
their productive and consumption needs out of their saving. A self help group is a small
economically homogeneous affinity group of the rural poor voluntarily coming to gather
to save small amount regularly. The origin of self-help group can be traced is from
Grameen bank of Bangladesh, which was founded by Mohamed Yunus. SGHs were
started and formed in 1975. In India NABARD initiated in 1986-1987. The absence of
institutional credits available in the rural area has led to the establishment of SHGs. Self-
Help Group or in-short SHG is now a well-known concept. It is now almost two decade
old. It is reported that the SHGs have a role in hastening country‟s economic
development. SHGs have now evolved as a movement. Mainly, members of the SHGs are
women. Consequently, participation of women in the country‟s economic development is
increasing. They also play an important role in elevating the economic status of their
families. This has led boost to the process of women‟s empowerment. so here I presented
the collection of authors review of Literature about self-help groups.