Document Type : Research Article


1 Professor, Dept of Humanities & Sciences, GRIET,Hyd

2 Student, Dept of Electronics Engineering, GRIET,Hyd

3 Associate Professor, Dept of Business Administration, MLRIT

4 Professor Dept of Mechanical Engineering, VNRVJIET, Hyd

5 Entrepreneur


Street Vending has been the bread winning profession for the urban poor which has existed
since time immemorial all around the world and has also contributed significantly to
economies. There have been number of studies describing the profile, problems and socioeconomic
conditions faced by street vendors, this study looks at the street vendor as a
businessman and assesses the viability of the trade. It is an exploratory and analytical study
wherein data has been collected from primary and secondary sources. Purposive sampling
was used as the number of units in the population are infinite and a sample size of 800 was
chosen. The study found that street vending is a profitable business as majority of the
respondents were able to meet their monthly expenditure, buy durable goods and some of
them were able to buy fixed property like house and land. Hence Street Vending is an
important profession to be examined carefully by policy makers.