Document Type : Research Article


1 Assistant Professor Barani Institute of Sciences

2 Assistant Professor,The University of Faisalabad

3 Assistant Professor ,Salim Habib University

4 Lecturer,SEGI University Kota Damansara, Malaysia


Using social cognitive theory as underpinning theoretical framework, the study aims to examine
the role of entrepreneurial passion in influencing entrepreneurial self-efficacy among students
that further leads to their intention to become an entrepreneur. Data was collected from the
business and economics students of three universities located across Malaysia through a crosssectional
design. The results revealed one’s entrepreneurial passion positively effects students’
intention to launch a new venture after graduation. Whereas entrepreneurial self-efficacy offers
an intervening mechanism that links and translates the impact of entrepreneurial passion on
students’ entrepreneurial intention, the relationship that is also moderated by entrepreneurial
education. The study thus addresses the call by past researchers on the missing link that unfold
into to one’s entrepreneurial intention. Findings thereby provides the possible future directions of
how person and context factors could leverage individuals’ entrepreneurial self-efficacy to
facilitate the process to become an entrepreneur.