Print ISSN: 2204-1990

Online ISSN: 1323-6903

Keywords : Mature Women Consumers

Growing Fashion Consciousness; A Threat to Environment

Abdur Rehman Arif, Arman Khan, Shumaila Jabbar,Ali Akbar Pirzado,Alle Syeda,Waseem Khan

Journal of Contemporary Issues in Business and Government, 2021, Volume 27, Issue 5, Pages 898-910
DOI: 10.47750/cibg.2021.27.05.058

The Study stands on an assumption that growing fashion consciousness leads towards a
general change oriented behavior and so escort towards an intense consumption pattern. To
fulfill that huge demand of all kinds, massive industrialization takes place, which is evidently
a threat to the environment. Study ascertains the fashion consciousness of only the most
neglected segment of the market to establish that people are getting fashion conscious to a
threatening level. This study identifies the fashion information sources, shopping preferences
and in particular, measures the fashion consciousness of the underappreciated segment as
mature female consumers in Pakistan. A comprehensive questionnaire is exposed to the
females aging 45 to onwards who were explained with every question in order to ensure the
validity of the instrument. It is found that mature women are fashion conscious but not as
much as they share information of fashion. Mature women are more concerned about comfort
than style and more concerned about style than brand name, which is a clear evidence of lack
of advertisement and focus of businesses on this wealthy and independent segment. Even then,
they are fashion conscious and acquire fashion information through catalogues, store display,
fashion shows, asking family members, and social gatherings. This amplifying fashion
consciousness leads to a change oriented behavior in general. People seek change in
everything around (even before it expiries) which will obviously generate innovative demands
and in result, industrialization will be at its peak; an obvious threat to the environment.