Document Type : Research Article


Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran,Iran


Health tourism industry is rapidly growing across different countries and
make a lot of financial economic benefits.A deep understanding of a destination for
health tourism can provide strong perspectives to promote competitive advantage with
low cost. The present study aimed to determine city branding dimensions for health
tourism development. This study was performed in four databases search: PubMed,
Embase, Scopus, and WOSwithout any time limitations to identify relevant literature
about city branding and healthtourism. In total, 15595 records were identified from all
databases. Finally, a total of 24 publications were included in the qualitative analysis.
The finding indicated infrastructure, landscape, and structure as three main city
branding dimensions in health tourism development.The results also showed that there
is a consensus thatif proper marketing and brand planning will be done for a city based
on these three dimensions, it can make a positive image for health tourism destinations.