Document Type : Research Article


GlobalLab, LLC, Moscow, Russia


Due to in connection with the development of science in all countries there is a demand for
young scientists who will be able to conduct successful research and discoveries. The
educational system has the goal of organizing educational processes in such a way that students
can show better academic performance, and teachers can identify the gap in the student's
education and fill it.
This research provides a method for developing a mathematical model of the trajectory of the
student learning the proposed model was developed taking into account external variables that
reflected the students’ characteristics in turninfluencing the learning process and the education.
Such student mathematical model for the individual training will decrease the cost for this type
of training and at the same time will give all the benefits of the individualized training., In
addition, the use of the neural networks to research and predict the properties of the educational
trajectory will make it possible to discover the new and effective research methods in the field of
learning theory.