Document Type : Research Article


Advanced Doctorate in Law, Professor, International and European Law Department, Institute of Law, Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, 4/1 PeremogyProspect,Kyiv, 03057, Ukraine


The article is aimed at generalizing modern trends in international and national, as
well as institutional and legal regulation/support of international regional cross-border
cooperation, overcoming a terminology accretion, which allows various forms of interstate
and intrastate cross-border cooperation to be implemented.A number of improvements
concerning the concepts of cross-border, inter-territorial, regional and integration cooperation,
border, sub-regional/local, partnership/fraternal cooperation, territorial/local
partnership/fraternal cooperation are proposed. In addition, the forms of cross-border
cooperation are defined. The principal national legal and regulatory acts of Ukraine, which are
within legal boundaries related to support/regulation of cross-border cooperation, are
examined. As a result,it is stated that there is an international and national legal basis for
Ukraine carrying out cross-border and interregional cooperation with border states, namely
EU members.